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Mammal tours

Lynx trip

Eurasian Lynx is one of the hardest to see mammals in Europe. We arrange tours which take place for 4 nights in the North Estonia. As good chance to see the Lynx needs field hours, day trips to see the Lynx are not possible.

Lynx trips are offered for private guests or to the small groups up to 4 people.

Moose watching

Haapsalu area have strong Moose population and is well known as a top Moose watching area in Estonia.

We offer Moose watching tours from August to April. In the autumn trips take place in the Matsalu National Park. In the winter and early spring we look for the Moose in Leidissoo Nature Reserve.

Moose watching trips take place in the evening. We start looking for Moose few hours before the sunset and usually finish then it´s already compeletely dark. Trips take place 3-4 hours. We can start the trip at the meeting point or arrange the pickup from your accommodation.

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    Last date for the full payment of the tour is 10 weeks before the tour starts.

    Cancellations by you
    If you cancel your booking either through failure to pay the balance due or for any other reason, we may charge a cancellation fee calculated as follows:
    – 75 days before departure 50% of the holiday cost
    – 50 days before departure 75% of the holiday cost
    – 50 days or less before departure (or failure to join the holiday) 100% of holiday cost.

    Cancellation by us.

    If we cancel, we shall refund whatever money you have paid to us, in full. Our cancellations will be not less than 8 weeks before the tour starts.